Original Cartoon Artwork by Speed Bump Artist Dave Coverly
This original watercolor artwork, featuring a chicken’s advice on New Year’s resolutions, graced the cover of the winter 2004 issue of Animal Times.
Value: $250
Donated by: Dave Coverly

Original Watercolor Painted by Rescued Chickens
This one-of-a-kind painting was created by a group of very special chickens who were rescued by California-based Animal Place, one of the oldest and largest sanctuaries for farmed animals in the country. PETA held an adoption event at our Bob Barker Building in Los Angeles for nearly 100 hens who were to be killed at an egg factory farm because they were no longer considered “productive.” These chickens got their feet wet (literally!) and created this beautiful painting. It’s a unique work of art created by rescued animals.
Value: Priceless
Donated by: PETA

Animal Portraits by Debbie Goodman
Artist and author Debbie Goodman creates wonderful animal images from paper obtained from around the world. Her art is inspired by and dedicated to all animals. Take home “Bluebird Improv,” “Great Horned Owl,” or “Panda With Bamboo,” all created entirely with cut and layered paper.
Value: $950
Donated by: Debbie Goodman

‘tHE ARTk’ Painting by DiNo
This canvas print features more than 1,250 endangered animals, all found within their habitats and co-existing beautifully and harmoniously together.
Value: $200
Donated by: DiNo

‘Legs’ by Hunt Slonem
New York City–based artist Hunt Slonem is considered one of the greatest living colorists. Take home a painting that expresses his very special sense of awe and wonder.
Value: $9,000
Donated by: Hunt Slonem

‘We Love You, O Happy Day’ by Mark Da Sylva
This framed print features rescued dogs Peppy and Copper, who were found wandering alone along an interstate before finding their loving forever home.
Value: $320
Donated by: Mark Da Sylva

Elephant Painting by Dr. Joyce Poole
This framed painting of an elephant was created by renowned elephant advocate and expert Dr. Joyce Poole. She works to inspire and educate the world about the complexity and intelligence of elephants as well as their remarkable communication skills and familial relationships.
Value: $1,000
Donated by: Coco Hall

‘Vegan Soup’ by Constantin Philippou
This canvas painting was created by Constantin Philippou, artist, animal activist, and vegan.
Value: $1,800
Donated by: Constantin Philippou

‘Abstract’ by Constantin Philippou
This canvas painting was inspired by vegan living, animal rights, and common sense.
Value: $700
Donated by: Constantin Philippou

‘Cecil the Lion of Zimbabwe’ by James Scott Taylor
Receive a framed portrait of Cecil the lion from “Pet Portrait Artist to the Stars” James Scott Taylor.
Value: $10,000
Donated by: James Scott Taylor


Beautiful Bags From amykathryn
Take home a trio of stylish amykathryn handbags, which are always animal-friendly and eco-conscious.
Value: $150
Donated by: amykathryn

Costume Jewelry From Designer Andrew Prince
Andrew Prince, the British designer behind Downton Abbey and Muppets Most Wanted, made these beautiful necklace, earrings, and tiara costume pieces. The necklace is a replica of the one he made for Miss Piggy.
Value: $1,600
Donated by: Andrew Prince

Custom-Made Vegan Men’s Suit From Brave GentleMan
Step into style and become an ethically attired brave gentleman with a suit custom-made to size and shipped directly to you by this Brooklyn-based company.
Value: $1,200
Donated by: Joshua Katcher/Brave GentleMan

Matt & Nat Gift Package
Take home this package of goods created by the synergy between Mat(t)erial and Nature. This set includes a 14-inch laptop sleeve, a Triplet wallet, and a beautiful Mitsuko handbag.
Value: $300
Donated by: Matt & Nat

VauteCouture Emily Coat and Reale Hat From Designer Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart
This groundbreaking label made history when it became the first all-vegan one to show at New York Fashion Week in 2013. Named after actor and hero for animals Emily Deschanel, the coat was made with high-quality 100 percent vegan materials. The Reale hat is hand-blocked, insulated, and accented with grosgrain ribbon. Both of these products were made with love in the U.S.
Value: $595
Donated by: Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart

GUNAS Henry Men’s Bag
The stylish Henry bag is a vegan leather doctor’s-style laptop brief-bag for men, designed by Sugandh G. Agrawal and created by GUNAS, a premier animal-friendly accessory company whose core founding principles include ethics and sustainability.
Value: $350
Donated by: GUNAS USA Inc.

Wills Vegan Shoes Gift Certificate
Fashion and ethics coincide at Wills, where shoes are made without hurting animals or people. Upgrade your wardrobe with this $500 gift certificate!
Value: $500
Donated by: Wills London

PETA x Freedom of Animals VIRKIN Tote
Take a stylish stand against animal abuse with this beautiful take on the famous $30,000+ Hermès Birkin bag, which Jane Birkin has disavowed because of the cruelty involved in making it. This tote is made of eco-friendly vegan leather and organic cotton lining.
Value: $400
Donated by: Freedom of Animals/Morgan Bogle

LANY Backpack and Handbag
Score the LANY all-vegan leather Let’s Twist Again backpack in sky blue, as recently seen carried by Selena Gomez, Nikki Reed, and other stars. This fun, versatile bag has space to store your laptop or iPad snugly. Also take home LANY’s cruelty-free cross-body handbag in beige, the perfect accessory for any outfit.
Value: $105
Donated by: LANY Handbags

Opificio V Gift Certificate
Win a $500 gift certificate for a shopping spree at Opificio V, a company that creates beautiful vegan shoes and values tradition, craft, ethics, and excellence.
Value: $500
Donated by: Opificio V, Italian Vegan Luxury Shoes

PETA Basket
Show your love for animals by taking home this great collection of the latest PETA merchandise, including clothing, drinkware, books, and much more.
Value: $130
Donated by: PETA

MooShoes Gift Certificate
MooShoes sells an assortment of cruelty-free footwear, bags, T-shirts, wallets, books, and accessories for all ages. Treat yourself with a $250 gift certificate.
Value: $250
Donated by: MooShoes

Pura Botanica Just Because Candle Set
This beautiful book-style box has three Pura Botanica candles nesting inside with the scents of Fulfill Mint, Sweet Chai, and Oh-So-Citrus. It’s a transcendent gift for yourself or someone else.
Value: $95
Donated by: Pura Botanica

Bad Girl Art Gift Package
Bad Girl Art takes a new and unique approach to depicting bad-ass women through its designs and images. This colorful package includes decorative tiles, placemats, postcards, a T-shirt, and more!
Value: $500
Donated by: Keithley Pierce/Bad Girl Art

Designer Tote Bag made with Piñatex­™ by Taikka
This denim tote was designed to be used for just about anything, including shopping, going to the beach, or using as a general carryall. It’s durable and water-resistant and made from all-natural vegan textiles that were sustainably developed. Piñatex­™ is the world’s first nature-loving leather alternative made with Pineapple leaves fibers.
Donated by: Ananas Anam Ltd.

Daisy Dog Studio Tea Set
Take home this whimsical Daisy Dog Studio Coffee and Tea Set, which includes a coffee/tea pot, four beautiful cups with saucers, a sugar bowl, and a creamer.
Value: $400
Donated by: Patrick and Emily McCoy

Urban Expressions Handbags
Urban Expressions designs an array of luxurious, high-quality vegan-leather handbags to meet the needs and desires of the everyday woman. Keep it simple with the “Quinn,” a cute compact bag with enough room for all your essentials, or with the practical and stylish “Evelyn,” a hobo bag with an edge.
Value: $180
Donated by: Urban Expressions

Custom Woman’s Motorcycle Jacket by Jill Milan
Look chic and compassionate in this fabulous custom motorcycle jacket from designer Jill Milan.
Value: $500
Donated by: Jill Milan

PETA 35th Anniversary Commemorative Vegan Clutch
Take home a beautiful black vegan clutch commemorating PETA’s 35th anniversary, made by This handbag includes the specialty 35th anniversary logo, lining, and PETA leaping bunny logo exterior detail.
Value: $120
Donated by:

Vegetaryn Fan Favorites
Take home a basket of goodies from
Value: $200
Donated by:

Pelcor Cork Collection
Pelcor is all about design, innovation, and sustainability. Like in nature, no two Pelcor pieces are exactly alike—subtle chromatic variations make each an utterly unique article. Take home the classic Pelcor Umbrella, Essential Tall Wallet, and Sesame Clutch Weave—all in Pelcor’s iconic cork.
Value: $540
Donated by: Pelcor

Dining and Entertainment

MATCH Premium Vegan Gourmet Sampler
This sampler includes a variety of plant-based entrées as well as vegan meats ready to be incorporated seamlessly into your favorite recipes. Enjoy high-protein, non-animal meat with no genetically modified ingredients.
Value: $160
Donated by: MATCH Premium Vegan Meats

Fresh n’ Lean Organic Meal Delivery
Enjoy four weeks of food delivery from Fresh n’ Lean, which delivers freshly prepared, all-natural, and mouthwatering healthy meals right to your home or office. All its meals are plant-based, locally grown, and seasonal and use 100 percent natural ingredients.
Value: $785
Donated by: Fresh n’ Lean

Los Angeles Opera Experience
Receive two tickets to any main-stage, full-subscription series production during the Los Angeles Opera’s 30th anniversary 2015–16 season. Also, you and a guest will take a backstage tour before the performance.
Value: $600
Donated by: Los Angeles Opera 

Miyoko’s Kitchen $250 Gift Certificate
Developed by chef and author Miyoko Schinner, Miyoko’s Kitchen sells artisanal, organic, non-GMO, vegan cheese online. Your taste buds will explode with this variety of cheeses, including Aged English Smoked Farmhouse and French Style Winter Truffle.
Value: $250
Donated by: Miyoko’s Kitchen

Heidi Ho Vegan Cheeze Package
Heidi Ho is the future of cheese. Take home this Deluxe Heidi Ho Vegan Cheeze basket filled with specially selected wine and vegan cheese treats. It also includes a gift certificate for three months of the company’s Cheeze of the Month Club, with products delivered right to your door.
Value: $500
Donated by: Heidi Ho Vegan Cheeze

Spork Foods Cooking Class
Win a cooking class for two from Spork Foods, the Los Angeles–based gourmet vegan food company owned and operated by educators and chef sisters Jenny Engel and Heather Bell. Jenny and Heather specialize in developing innovative cuisine that emphasizes organic, local, and seasonal ingredients. Also take home a copy of the Spork-Fed cookbook.
Value: $160
Donated by: Spork Foods

Erin McKenna’s Bakery NYC Gift Basket
Enjoy this basket of vegan goodies from Erin McKenna’s famous bakery.
Value: $50
Donated by: Erin McKenna’s Bakery NYC

Dining at Hangawi in New York City
Enjoy this $100 gift certificate to Hangawi in New York City, which was voted Zagat’s 2015 Best Vegetarian Restaurant in the city.
Value: $100
Donated by: Hangawi

Dinner for Four at eLOVate With a Special Menu From Chef Roberto Martin
You and three guests will dine at chef Roberto Martin’s restaurant, eLOVate, which just opened in Santa Monica, California. Martin will treat you to a special dinner tailored to your preferences with his suggested wine pairings. It will be a dining experience to remember!
Value: $800
Donated by: Roberto Martin

21-Day Vegan Kickstart Meal Plan From Veestro
Kick-start your way to better health with 21 days of low-calorie, 100 percent plant-based, organic, non-GMO meals and juices. All meals are shipped directly to your door.
Value: $230
Donated by: Veestro

Vegan Pressure Cooking Package
Say goodbye to long prep and cooking times with a new state-of-the-art Fagor Multi-Cooker and a copy of Vegan Pressure Cooking signed by vegan lifestyle coach and educator JL Fields.
Value: $150
Donated by: JL Fields and Fagor and

Daiya Gift Basket
Daiya is a dairy-free dream come true! All products are plant-based and free of the top three food allergens—dairy, soy, and gluten. This fabulous gift basket includes Daiya Cheezy Mac, T-shirts, VIP coupons, aprons, a cheeseboard, and more.
Value: $75
Donated by: Daiya

Health and Beauty

Vega Assortment Package
Clean, plant-based, natural, and Informed-Choice–certified, the Vega nutrition system was specifically developed to help you perform at your best. Let Vega assist you on your personal journey to optimum health with this assortment of nutritional products, including supplements and items from the all-vegan Vega Sport line.
Value: $300
Donated by: Vega

SkinVacMD and OrganicO Ultimate Package
SkinVacMD is an at-home, professional-grade, crystal-free, all-natural microdermabrasion system. It’s easy to use—no crystals, no filters, no monthly fees, and no monthly replacement tips. You’ll see immediate results with smoother, fresher, and more vibrant looking skin. The package also includes OrganicO Edibles and ButterBall Baby Moisturizer.
Value: $940
Donated by: UltraRadiance

LipoVacMD and OrganicO Ultimate Package
LipoVacMD, a revolutionary system that’s been featured on the hit TV show The Doctors, combines suction and gentle massaging to tighten and tone dull areas of the skin, reduce the appearance of cellulite, and rejuvenate the skin. This package also includes OrganicO Edibles and ButterBall Baby Moisturizers—100 percent vegan, natural, and ultra-rich moisturizers that work from hair to toe.
Value: $960
Donated by: UltraRadiance

Freeman Beauty Product Gift Basket
Indulge yourself in this wide assortment of Freeman Beauty products. Freeman Beauty never tests on animals and is proof that beauty can be fun, fresh, flirty, and cruelty-free.
Value: $350
Donated by: Freeman Beauty

Murad Gift Basket
Take home this deluxe assortment of products from Murad’s Age Reform line, made to give you firmer, more youthful skin.
Value: $675
Donated by: Murad

Four Infrared Sauna Sessions at Alchemie Spa in Santa Monica, California
Alchemie Spa says that “social and environmental responsibility are two of our core values.” Alchemie uses high-quality vegan and natural products. Each infrared session detoxes your body of heavy metals and toxic chemicals, reduces muscle pain and inflammation, lowers blood pressure, increases heart health, and rejuvenates your skin.
Value: $140
Donated by: Alchemie Spa

Five-Day Mind and Body Cleanse by Paleta
This mind and body cleanse from executive chef Kelly Boyer eliminates potentially allergenic or heavily processed foods that impair your body’s natural ability to detoxify and replaces them with low-allergy-potential “clean” foods rich in vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. It’s designed for weight loss, increased energy, improved skin and hair, sharper cognition, and a better mood. One week and a world of difference!
Value: $350
Donated by: Kelly Boyer, Paleta CEO

Côte Classic Manicure and Polish Trio
Pamper yourself with a Classic Manicure at Côte in Brentwood, California, and go home with a trio of stylish polishes.
Value: $80
Donated by: Côte

Brows That Wow From Anastasia Beverly Hills
This fabulous gift basket includes a gift certificate for brow service, brow products, color products, and makeup from Anastasia Beverly Hills.
Value: $430
Donated by: Anastasia Beverly Hills

Sararose Spa Package
This enchanting spa package includes a Sea Lotus Beach Collection Tin Candle, an Emerald Herringbone Diamond Blanket, Sanguine Vegan Polish, Doterra Peppermint Healing Essential Oil, Peacock Parfumerie Daydream Bath Salts, three knit washcloths, and an adorable carrying basket.
Value: $200
Donated by: Sararose on Oak

SoulCycle Five-Class Pack
Try L.A.’s trendiest workout at SoulCycle with this five-class pack. SoulCycle’s full-body workout has revolutionized indoor cycling and taken the world of fitness by storm. Combining inspirational coaching and high-energy music, SoulCycle offers an engaging workout that benefits both the mind and the body.
Value: $145
Donated by: SoulCycle

Organic Enzyme Peel Facial at ARCONA Skincare
Within its soothing sanctuary, The ARCONA Studio in Santa Monica, California, offers innovative natural facial treatments using only all-natural, active-ingredient ARCONA products. Your Organic Enzyme Peel Facial will provide sun-damaged, aged, and dull-looking skin with excellent cellular renewal. You’ll experience the “ARCONA glow”!
Value: $125
Donated by: ARCONA Skincare

One of a Kind

Main Street Vegan Academy for Two
Take your vegan outreach to the next level by training to be an Main Street Vegan Academy (MSVA)-certified vegan lifestyle coach and educator. Enjoy tuition for two to the Academy in New York City, along with copies of Main Street Vegan, The Love-Powered Diet, and The Good Karma Diet, all signed by bestselling author and MSVA founder and director Victoria Moran.
Value: $3,279
Donated by: Main Street Vegan Academy

LA Galaxy VIP Tickets With Stadium Club Passes
This package includes four VIP tickets and four Stadium Club passes to the LA Galaxy vs. Portland Timbers match on Sunday, October 18. It also comes with a ball used in the 2014 MLS Cup signed by the 2015 LA Galaxy team.
Value: Priceless
Donated by: LA Galaxy

‘Mini Me’ Your Home or Business
Provide artist and craftsperson Dr. Howard Richmond with a photo of your residence or business, and he’ll create a one-of-a-kind piece of art to replicate it, down to every tiny detail.
Value: Priceless
Donated by: Architectural Miniatures by HCR

A Year Supply of Beyond Meat and a Private VIP Tour of Its Headquarters
Enjoy a year supply (52 product vouchers) of delicious Beyond Meat and take a private VIP tour for two of its facility in El Segundo, California, in November 2015. The tour includes lunch with research and development chefs and a possible meet and greet with the founder, Ethan Brown. Also included in the package is a Beyond Meat gift basket.
Value: Priceless
Donated by: Beyond Meat

Original Pen-and-Ink With Watercolor Drawing of Your Own Animal Companion With Earl and Mooch of the MUTTS Comic Strip
Make your animal companion a star with this original pen-and-ink with watercolor drawing with Earl and Mooch from the MUTTS comic strip.
Value: Priceless
Donated by: Patrick McDonnell


Desert Hot Springs Getaway
Enjoy a one-night getaway at The Spring Resort and Day Spa in Desert Hot Springs, California. The mineral waters here have been compared to the famous healing waters of Évian, France. Also enjoy a 60-minute Swedish massage designed to relax the body and soul while stimulating your body’s natural healing process.
Value: $310
Donated by: The Spring Resort and Day Spa

Seven-Night Hawaiian Getaway With Airfare
Seven nights accommodation at a great property in Maui, Kauai, the Big Island, or Oahu and then create your own dreamcation. It includes airfare for up to four from anywhere in the U.S.
Value: $6,500
Donated by:

Seven-Night Dream Vacation in Mexico With Airfare
Design your very own vacation at one of 15 wonderful properties in Mexico. The package includes airfare for up to four from anywhere in the U.S.
Value: $6,500
Donated by:

Seven-Night Royal Caribbean Cruise for Two
Enjoy a seven-night balcony cabin on a Royal Caribbean International cruise for two with multiple ships and multiple itineraries to choose from.
Value: $5,000
Donated by:

‘Vegin Out’ in the Land of Rajputs’
Travel to India to “veg out” for 12 exhilarating days in splendid centuries-old palaces, mystical ancient Hindu temples, remote rural villages, and delightful medieval desert towns while enjoying a plethora of tasty local vegan cuisine. Spend two nights at the Maharajah Palace and go off the beaten path while also visiting some of India’s must-see sites like the Taj Mahal. Airfare isn’t included.
Value: $3,500
Donated by: VegVoyages

Three Nights With Airfare for One to the Grail Springs Retreat Centre
Spend three nights at Canada’s leading center for well-being, located on 100 acres of forest and trails on Chalice Lake. Your retreat will include all-vegetarian meals, yoga and meditation classes, guided hikes, full use of the spa facilities, wellness consultations, and more. This recharging getaway also includes roundtrip airfare for one to Ontario, Canada.
Value: $2,000
Donated by: Grail Springs Retreat Centre and

Academia Barilla Travel Program in Italy
This fantastic trip includes round-trip airfare for two to Milan, Italy; three nights in a 4-star hotel; and an exclusive culinary experience at the Academia Barilla in Parma. You’ll spend your days attending vegetarian cooking classes, taking guided tours of the city, and touring the Barilla art collections. It truly is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Value: $12,000
Donated by: Barilla

Five Nights in a Luxury Suite at the Laguna Lodge Eco-Resort & Nature Reserve With Airfare for Two
If you’ve ever wanted to experience the unique beauty of Guatemala, now is your chance! Treat yourself to a five-night stay at the Laguna Lodge, located on the shores of legendary Lake Atitlán. This resort features all vegetarian and vegan cuisine, using ingredients that are harvested from the onsite garden and local farms. It also has a full day spa that offers massage, nail services, and yoga, and daytime activities include scuba diving and hiking the nearby volcano. Time magazine called Laguna Lodge “pure Maya magic,” and National Geographic named it one of the world’s 25 best lodges. Your experience includes roundtrip airfare for two to Guatemala, private boat transportation from Panajachel to the lodge, full breakfast, kayaks and canoes, and Internet access.
Value: $3,460
Donated by: Laguna Lodge Eco-Resort & Nature Reserve and and

Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, Beach House Getaway
Spend up to a week relaxing at a beach house in the charming seaside town of Carmel-by-the-Sea. Soak up some local culture and cuisine, leaving your stresses behind.
Value: $6,000
Donated by: Maryam Dickey

Five Nights at Flora del Mar in Todos Santos, Mexico, With Airfare for Two
Spend a relaxing five nights at Flora del Mar, situated in a desert oasis by the sea. This retreat is located in the neighborhood of San Sebastian at the beach in Baja California, Mexico, just over a mile away from the center of Todos Santos, a friendly and vibrant pueblo. Your experience includes roundtrip airfare for two to Baja, Mexico.
Value: $1,720
Donated by: Marilyn Martin and and

The Ultimate New York City Experience
Take a bite out of the Big Apple! You’ll have the opportunity of a lifetime—take in a Broadway show with Tony Award–winning composer Lisa Lambert (The Drowsy Chaperone) and enjoy drinks with her after the performance. During your trip, experience delicious cuisine at Blossom on Carmine, Hangawi, and Peacefood Cafe with $100 certificates to each restaurant. Finally, indulge in a class for two at the Natural Gourmet Institute. Classes offered include cooking technique, international cuisine, vegan/vegetarian, raw, gluten-free, and much more. Accommodations will be at a 4- or 5-star hotel in New York City.
Value: $1,800
Donated by: Lisa Lambert, Blossom on Carmine, Hangawi, Peacefood Cafe, Natural Gourmet Institute, and,,,, and


Celebrating 35 years

of PETA's successful campaigns for animals and
looking forward to the next 35 years and beyond!